About Power System


M.Tech. Programme is aimed at providing high quality innovators and engineers with an understanding of electrical power system engineering. It is envisaged that they will contribute meaning full to the power sector. there will be high demand of Electrical Engineers to the tune of 5 Lacs. Challenges imposed by energy resource constraints and bridging the gap between energy supply and demand.

Especially qualified engineers with an ability to understand and to analyse power and energy systems are required.

The courses include advanced topics like, FACTS, Power Quality, Distribution Systems and Energy System Management along with conventional ones. Emphasis involved both theoretical development and application of advanced methods to real systems and their problems. The employment and career prospect for the power system engineering post graduates are excellent as they are in high demand in all major industries. They will have opening as Energy Manager in industries like paper cement, steel, sugar and textile. They can also start their own energy consultancy firm dealing with energy management studies, analysis application and control in different energy activity sectors.

Mr. Govind Pandiya

HOD, Department of Power System

Bhopal Institute of Technology and Science, Bhopal