About Thermal Engineering


Thermal engineering concerns with the field of thermodynamics or the study of energy transfers. As a thermal engineering student, you will study heating and cooling processes; and the conversion of heat into various energies including mechanical, chemical and electrical energy. Thermal engineering is important for the design of any machine. Thermal engineering deals with the research, design and modeling of heat transfer equipment and processes. Some areas a thermal engineer may specialise in include solar heating, boiler design or hvac.

Thermal engineers assist in designing heating systems and explore ways to improve on and take advantage of renewable energy sources. Common challenges thermal engineers face are to find innovative solutions to build next-generation cooling designs that produce the desired temperatures are compact in size, cost-effective as well as adaptable to fit different system designs.

Mr. Rohit Kumar Choudhary

HOD, Department of Thermal Engineering

Bhopal Institute of Technology and Science, Bhopal