Anti Ragging Policy

Bhopal Institute of Technology and Science-Pharmacy campus is ragging free campus. Numbers of anti-ragging measures are in place to ensure strict compliance.

A.I.C.T.E., R.G.P.V., U.G.C. and P.C.I. guidelines as per the directives of Supreme Court on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational Institutions are strictly implemented at Bhopal Institute of Technology & Science-Pharmacy, Bhopal. Institute has constituted an anti-ragging committee and an anti-ragging squad to prevent and prohibit ragging. A vigil is always maintained by the anti-ragging squad to safeguard the interest of fresher students. The anti-ragging works with zero tolerance for any act constituting ragging of the fresher students.

The anti-ragging committee members are as follows:

Dr. Umesh K. Jain (Principal)
Campus Incharge
Mr. Nilesh Gupta (Asso. Prof.)
Faculty Members
Mr. Vivek Shrivastava (Asso. Prof.)   9827246819
Mr. Neeraj Patidar (Asst. Prof.) 9826383181
Non-teaching staff members
Ms. Pooja Gupta (Lab Incharge) 9713330810
Mrs. Shahjadi Bano (Librarian) 8602639942
Police members
TI Misrod Police Station: 07552443890
Parents members
Mr. P.L. Patel 9981053389
Mr. R.L. Nagar 9755222017
Student members
Mr. Nilesh Patel (M. Pharm. III sem) 9685629617
Ms. Sweta Suman (M. Pharm.III sem)


Mr. Priyanka Sharma (B. Pharm. VII sem) 8602317085
Ms. Ranjana Marko (B. Pharm. VII sem) 7828866162
Mr. Sanjay Sen (B. Pharm. VII sem) 9074365938
Ms. Deepika Bhond (B. Pharm. V sem) 8269082072
Mr. Digvijay Singh (B. Pharm. V sem) 8461961636
Mr. Pankaj Arjaria (B. Pharm. V sem) 9098183494
Mr. Suraj Thakur (B. Pharm. V sem) 7415540446
Mr. Dilip Nagar (B. Pharm. III sem) 9993264455
Mr. Amar Tiwari (B. Pharm. III sem) 8224916474