Department of Computer Science & Engineering


The Department of Computer Science Engineering started in year 2003. with intake of 90.A highly qualified team of faculty members is the backbone of the Department.Computer Science Engineering Department was offer an Undergraduate program in computer science engineering. The department has well equipped laboratories.The Department provides an outstanding learning environment complemented by superior teaching for its students to flourish in. It has qualified, experienced, competent and devoted faculty. The department focuses on development and strengthening system thinking, problem solving, analysis, design, research, team work, communication skills, and readiness for life long learning.The courses run by the department use mixed techniques of interactive lectures, guided case studies, literature surveys and project work that require team work and critical and creative thinking.The research work carried out by the faculty members has received international recognition and awards from time to time .Other than this ,the department also has latest audio-visual teaching aids for the students .The department has implemented an intranet to facilitate training in web Technology.The department has strong collaboration with industries and has signed MOU with many leading industries.

  • 100 Mbps leased line internet connectivity.
  • High end servers with LAN connectivity with highly configured system and latest softwares in all labs.
  • Routers, bridges, switches, converters for doing hands-on practical/assignment.
  • The Laboratories in this department is equipped with air conditioners & modern furniture.

Areas of Specialization

Software development, consultancy, Broadband Services, ISP operations, cable TV, Contact Center Industry, Instrumentation, Packaged software, Wire and Cable, Networking, Database Design, Protocol Design, EDP Industry, ERP solutions are some of the areas of Specialization.


Mr. Shailendra Gupta


HOD, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Globus Engineering College, Bhopal