Department of Computer Science & Engineering

The Computer Science and Engineering Department established in the year 2007, is enriched with highly qualified faculty members and state of the art computer facilities. Computer labs are equipped with Laptops, Desktops and thin clients having Wi-Fi connectivity. The equipments in the labs give the students exposure to latest technologies. 100 Mbps Leased line Internet connection with Fiber Optic backbone provides 24 hrs Internet facility to students and staff. Students are trained as per the needs of IT industries.

Quality is ensured through outstanding computing facilities, which have necessitated huge investment and regular upgradation to ensure availability of latest devices.

The department boasts of highly qualified and experienced faculty members. Guest Lectures are provided by eminent scholars. 24x7 Internet connectivity through 100 Mbps leased line. Our Lecture theatres are equipped with LCD and Smart Board projectors. There is regular Industry interface to bridge the gap between theory and practical.

The Computer labs are artistically and ergonomically designed, where students get an opportunity to develop their skills. The laboratory has Fibre Optic backbone and fully networked labs. All computers have sophisticated and high-end configurations computing resources and Software facility.

The labs are set to create special environment required for students of Engineering. Computer Labs support Core 2 Duo Nodes and High End Servers connected through latest switches. Internet and Intranet network facilities supported by high quality software based on curriculum and global requirements, along with latest operating systems, allow the students not only to develop their skills but also access the internet for convenient internal as well as external communication with the cyber world, the college provides free access to Internet to its students through 100 Mbps connectivity, the local Intranet, a 100 MBPS switched network, is provided as an interactive platform for sharing resources and building communities.

Laboratory Facilities:

CSE Department has 6 different computer labs with total of 360 Computer Systems. The laboratories are well equipped with all required Software and Hardware components and Networking Devices. The labs are mostly utilized for conducting lab sessions, Project Development, and conducting training sessions for students.