Computer Lab

Computer knowledge became very essential part in the era of Information Technology; A Pharmacist must have the knowledge of computer beside the regular education. College has a spacious computer lab to educate the students. Lab provides the facility of internet connectivity with speed of 100 mbps and a number of computers.


This lab is concerned with the practicles related to human anatomy and study of drugs. Both subjects are very informative and crucial as it provides the knowledge related to tissue, organs and whole body with the effect of drugs which forms the basis of disease and its treatment. It provides a platform for students to develop their practical knowledge and skills on laboratory animals and various lab equipments. It also provide the knowledge to the students for animal handling, guidelines and its medication/ treatment. This lab is equipped with latest instruments and facilities (The list is attached below) which makes it convenient for the student to clear the concepts and explore the diversity of the subject..

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry lab is concerned for the conduction of practicals of basic chemistry like the Inorganic and Organic Chemistry. These subjects form the foundations of the higher subjects like Medicinal Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry.

List of instruments:

— Centrifuge machine            — Analytical balance            — Burette stand                             — Autoclave           
— Hot Air Oven                        — Distillation Unit                — Melting Point Apparatus          — Water Bath          
— Colorimeter                          — Potentiometer                   — Digital Ph Meter

Central Instrumentation Room

Central instrumentation lab is dedicated for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of natural as well as synthetic substances used in various stages of drug formulation. The instruments used in this lab help to identify the unknown substances as well as drug samples.

Machine Room

Machine room is a laboratory dedicated to formulation and evaluation studies of various dosage forms. The lab is well equipped with all the latest models of machines and instruments used for the analysis and formulation studies of chemical molecules. This lab also has facilities for formulation of tablets, capsules and liquid dosage forms. Students can evaluate and formulate different dosage forms with the help of these instruments.

Pharmacology Lab

Pharmacology lab is concerned with the evaluation of drug substances on the animals. Both in-vitro and in-vivo experiments are performed on the animals to evaluate the efficacy of drugs on the animals so that their effect on human can be ascertained.

Pharmaceutics Lab

This lab is set for the conduction of practicals related to different formulation existing in the market. The students are introduced to the latest pharmaceutical technologies like friability, weight variation, Dissolution, Disintegration with the help of different Instruments. Physical factors of drugs are also analyzed which are important for drug stability and action.

List of instruments:

— Tablet dissolution apparatus           —Tablet disintegration test apparatus           —Suppository mould
— Physical balance                               — Centrifuge machine                                     — Mortar & pestle
—Mortar & pestle (glass)                      —Heating mantle                                            — Hot air oven
— Magnetic stirrer                                 — Digital pH meter                                         — Distillation unit
— Desiccators Micropipette                  — Staglomanonometer                                   — Desiccators
— Digital balance                                   — Analytical balance                                   — Lab thermometer


Pharmacognosy is a word related to study of herbs. Many of the herbs are kept in Lab for the purpose of education and practicles. Student does the practicles like Identification, isolation and extraction of compounds present in the herbs. Student can also find the pharmacognostic value of particular medicinal plants.

List of instruments:

—Aseptic cabinet: —Centrifuge —Grinding Machine — Refrigerator — Extraction & isolation assembly — Muffle Furnace — TLC Plate — Compound Microscope — Projection Microscope